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We are one of the largest companies that mainly produces trekking, nordic walking and ski poles. Our headquarters is only an hour's drive from Venice, and made in Italy and Italian design are clearly distinguishable in every product and detail.

We are a family!

we help each other and we are a very close-knit team. Each with his own specific tasks, we complete our jobs with great passion.

We always try to grow and improve in every aspect both from the business point of view and towards the consumer.

foto d'epoca del fondatore di Fizan con i primi sci

Our history


Not far from his room he decides to open the first and only Fizan factory. The headquarters are located in Rosà, in via Borgo Tocchi, near Bassano del Grappa (VI) in Italy.


When the company was founded, Domenico Fincati was the first to produce aluminum ski poles instead of using steel or bamboo. The first six pairs of aluminum sticks were thus made by him, in 1947 in Bassano del Grappa in a room near the old bridge, symbol of the city of Bassano.


Around the early 80's, Fizan broadened its horizons to the foreign world by participating in the first international fairs.

In order to produce light and resistant poles, Fizan uses only the two best aluminum alloys on the market: the 7001 and 7075. In the 1990s, the first telescopic trekking poles were produced.



In 2000, his grandson Andrea Zaltron took over the company. Subsequently 7 years later the lightest stick in the world was born, still the best seller of the Fizan company and one of the leading products: the compact. The quality materials have made it possible to work with thin but at the same time resistant thicknesses, which is why the compact weighs only 158 grams.

An investment is made in the photovoltaic system for the production of alternative energy. In this way, the company is self-sufficient for about 60% of its needs and thus avoids the annual production of about 25,000 kg of CO2.



For two years now, Fizan has decided not to print the paper catalogs anymore to avoid the enormous waste of paper, the catalogs will only be visible online. Also for an eco-sustainable perspective, a cardboard blister pack made with cardboard from eco-sustainable forests and easily recyclable is used for the packaging of the sticks.

logo scelta verde di fizan


It expands the product range by adding, in addition to trekking, Nordic walking and downhill poles, neck warmers that are produced entirely in the company with the sublimation technique. Around these years the packaging is also renewed: instead of using the shrink wrap, an ecological cardboard blister is used. Around these years Fizan managed to obtain the distribution of its products in more than 40 foreign countries.

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